Purchase vs Skip Hire & Grab Hire in Westerham

Residential clients in the Westerham area certainly won’t ever have to weigh up purchasing skips or grab hire vehicles, versus hiring them from a provider such as Sevenoaks Skips. But this is a common conundrum for commercial and industrial enterprises. While we certainly have a horse in the race, providing not just standard skip hire and grab hire services, but roll on roll off skips in Westerham and its surrounds, there are situations in which purchase might prove more economical. But to ensure you can make the right decision, here are a few factors to consider…

Storage & Maintenance – One advantage that skip hire and grab hire services can offer their users is the fact that once they’ve fulfilled their purpose, you don’t have to store them! With grab hire, there’s a second consideration – keeping it well maintained, MOT’d and generally ready for action whenever it’s called for. Considering the size of roll on roll off skips, and indeed larger standard skips, finding the space on site can simply prove too much for companies of all sorts of scales, not just smaller enterprises based around Westerham. Definitely build storage and maintenance costs into your figures when considering purchase.

Transportation – Skips are heavy, unwieldy things that require specialist transportation which meets strict regulatory safety standards. Purchasing skips to avoid the need for recurring skip hire, also means purchasing and maintain said transport. While purchasing grab vehicles to avoid the on-going need to rely on grab hire services avoids this, they aren’t always the bested suited to the kinds of work you’re taking on. Roll on roll off skips, meanwhile, require larger lorries that are simply unfeasible for most Westerham commercial enterprises.

Size – Finally, if you do decide to purchase skips or a grab hire vehicle, you have to figure out something of the appropriate size to facilitate the different types of job you’ll handle in Westerham and other areas you cover. While bigger is often better here, as too small can be a logistical nightmare, the cost of larger skips and grab hire vehicles can quickly get out of hand. If your typical job is a small extension, consider something on the lower scale; industrial clients, on the other hand, may wish to consider roll on roll off skips for their unrivalled capacity.

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