Safety Tips for When Using Grab Hire & Skip Hire in Longfield

Careful Loading – When lifting anything up into skips, even if it’s not particularly heavy, be sure to use the proper technique. Avoid arching your back and lifting with it, and instead squat down and lift with your legs. We also recommend Longfield clients double check the integrity of what’s being lifted, and insist on help if even slightly unsure about getting it into the skip. It’s not uncommon to hear of skip hire clients dropping things on toes, which can be at best painful, at worse a trip to A and E.

PPE – While you may find PPE a tad too much for simply loading skips – even roll on roll off skips – it pays to ere on the side of caution. This is especially the case if you’re handling waste or items with sharp edges or that otherwise presents a hazard. Longfield workers choosing our grab hire services to make quicker, more efficient work of a project should certainly use PPE. Hard hats, high-vis jackets, gloves, boots and goggles will help you stay safe when a hydraulic arm is moving things around on the site.

Grab Hire Operation – If you’re choosing unmanned grab hire, ensure that a trained provider of grab hire services is behind the controls. While they may look simple to use, it only takes the slightest of errors to cause some serious damage to persons or property. If you require assistance e.g a trained operator to work on your project, call Longfield’s Sevenoaks Skips Hire to see what we have available.

Approaching at Night – Back to skips. Skips of all sizes, from smaller vessels to our roll on roll off skips, are solidly built and can cause injury if you bump into one. When’s this most likely to happen? When approaching your home at night, perhaps on the way back from a pub or restaurant in Longfield. Note its position and use your phone light to give it a wide berth. You’d be surprised at some of the stories we’ve heard in our decades providing skip hire throughout the region! Clattering into roll on roll off skips can make for a nasty injury…

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