Do I Need a Permit for Grab Hire & Skip Hire in Orpington?

If you’re situated in the Orpington area and looking to hire skips, you may be aware of skip hire permits and wonder what these are, if you need them and how much they cost. Sevenoaks Skips Hire, as the region’s favoured choice not just for everything from small to roll on roll off skips, but grab hire services too, are here to help you acquire a permit if you should need one – so it’s nothing to be worried about.

Firstly, do you need one? If skips are to stay on your driveway or another part of your private property, the answer is no, you don’t. However, if it needs to sit on a public highway in Orpington (most likely directly outside your drive) due to a lack of space, it will. Local authorities issue skip hire permits, as well as parking suspension orders if the skip is to be placed in a controlled parking zone. These can be sourced concurrently.

It might be that the terms of a skip hire permit stipulate having to implement safety lights and markings around skips, to help prevent a collision or accident. Additionally, they cannot block access to Orpington properties, highway apparatus, crosses or the highway itself, and they should not restrict visibility at junctions. Roll on roll off skips, due to their size, can often struggle for permits without a fairly healthy list of stipulations, so do call us for advice in this area if you’re looking for roll on roll off skips but don’t have space for them on your private property.

But what about if you’re looking to make use of the grab hire services we offer the Orpington area? The good news is that you don’t require a permit, regardless of where it’s positioned. This is because grab hire services are typically used as a wait and load style solution, and aren’t simply left on public highways overnight, week round. Should there be logistical challenges present on website that need to be overcome, Sevenoaks Skips can help overcome them to provide tailored skip hire and grab hire services to do just that.

For help securing a skip hire permit, or for more on our grab hire services or roll on roll off skips, contact Orpington’s Sevenoaks Skips Hire on 01732 757125.