Skip Hire & Grab Hire in Tonbridge – Common Residential Projects

Extensions – Some of the most common residential projects launched in the Tonbridge area are extensions. Typically, extensions take a few weeks to complete, as there are multiple stages from initial demolition (removal of walls, etc), through to groundworks, first and second stage joinery/construction, and the decorative/fit-out side of things. Skips are ideal for managing these kinds of project as they let you handle waste as it’s generated. Roll on roll off skips are typically overkill, and grab hire services, on the other hand, are better suited to shorter-term activity or larger scale corporate development.

Garden Clear-outs & Property Moves – In the case of garden clear-outs and significant landscaping overhauls around Tonbridge, it can quickly become apparent that there’s a lot of green waste that has to go somewhere. From dead branches to unwanted flowers, shrubs and hedges, tons of turf and even hard waste where paths or planters are being scrapped. Again, it’s likely that good old fashioned skip hire will be the best tool for the job here. Our roll on roll off skips have been used by many estates and public authorities handling larger “green waste” jobs, as have our grab hire services for moving unwieldy, heavy green materials quickly. But skips typically make the grade.

What about when you’re moving home in or out the Tonbridge area? Skips can be a great option, especially if you live in a larger property that’s not had a thorough spring clean in some time. While some items sitting in attics and garages, and items you’d rather not bring with you to the next property, can be taken to charity shops, given to relatives or sold, smaller skips might help you get the job done so you can start with a clean slate.

Renovations & Upgrades – Anyone who has had their property refurbished before will be aware of how much waste can be drummed up. The same goes for Tonbridge residents who’ve had new kitchens and bathrooms installed, or who’ve had to have their plumbing or electrical infrastructure gutted and re-fitted. As the area’s premier provider of everything from roll on roll off skips to grab hire services, we’re here to help in these situations.

Our skips can sit on driveways or on the road, pending the acquisition of a licence we can help you obtain rom the local authority, and gradually be filled up as refurbishment work continues. Simply give us a call when it’s full, and we’ll attend to get rid of it responsibly; an impressive 98% of waste is recycled, making Sevenoaks Skips Hire an option for Tonbridge residents with an ecological conscience.

Book skip hire, grab hire services and even roll on roll off containers in Tonbridge by calling the Sevenoaks Skips office on 01732 757125.